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rofessional Wood Framing Services

 Framing Services • Residential Framing

Rely on the staff at AJP Contractors to provide you with top-quality wood framing. Our staff offers a range of framing services for commercial  and custom wooden structures, including restaurants, apartments and retail spaces. We place bids that include the price of our supplies or your supplies, offering competitively priced bids accordingly. Our trained staff has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and can install framing for everything from decking and siding to window framing and foundation work. With commercial and residential framing services available for areas of 100-500 units, we are the name to know for quality framing services. Contact us in Austin, Texas, to learn about our customized commercial and residential wood framing services.

Extensive Wood Framing Services

  • Slab Work
  • Wood Drying
  • Door Framing
  • Decking


  • Window Framing
  • Foundation Work
  • Site Preparation
  • Siding
    • Installations
  • Exterior Sheeting
    • Installations
  • Rough Frames
    • Windows & Doors


Call us for all of your wood framing needs and rely on our more than
30 years of multi-family wood framing experience.